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Gears and Lockers

 Lift Kits in La Mesa, CA

If you’re driving a lifted truck or Jeep®, you understand the importance of proper gear ratio. Your steering geometry changes when a lift kit is installed on your vehicle. Don’t damage your ride. Make sure you get gears and lockers from Preston's Tire and Wheel.

We carry gears and lockers for off-roaders across the area, including La Mesa, CA, San Diego, CA, and El Cajon, CA.

But Don’t I have Gears on My Vehicle Already?

Of course you do. Every vehicle does. But when you add a lift kit, you need to change gears, no pun intended. Why do you need to do this?

When you add larger tires, your transmission gears have to work harder to deliver the same driving power. This means they become less effective at moving the vehicle, causing small issues like not having enough power to go up a hill while towing, or constant up and downshifting of your transmission. New gears can help fix these problems. That’s where we come in. Give us a call so we can calculate the right amount of power your vehicle needs to do its job.

Don’t Forget Lockers

Lockers are equally important. It’s necessary to be able to lock all 4 of your wheels into a drive position. If you encounter adverse weather conditions, or you’re off-roading, it’s important to maintain grip. We can help find the right locker for your vehicle. They’re simple to use, and they make a difference in your ride.

When you want to get the most out of your lifted vehicle, give us a call. We’ll help fit your vehicle with the right gears and lockers. While you’re here, why not browse our selection of Jeep® and truck accessories?

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